Trust Verified

We take great care to assure that each SPARE MOMMY has been vetted in advance in order to assure your safety and comfort.  We are an authorized agency by the Department of Justice and utilize their LiveScan fingerprinting service that checks each SPARE MOMMY’S  background, and the RAPBack system that provides regular reports in the event that the clearance status changes.

Every SPARE MOMMY has been checked for:



We utilize 3rd party investigative teams to cross-reference the SPARE MOMMY’S Social Security Number to locations and associated names.



Since your SPARE MOMMY can drive your children home from school or to activities, it is of the utmost importance that they are safe and responsible drivers and that they protect your precious cargo.

NOTE:  We hope for SPARE MOMMIES with perfect driving records.  However, a speeding or parking ticket may not be counted against the driver, since we all get tickets sometimes.  We look for people with a pattern of responsible driving.



You can rest knowing that we use investigative resources to check that every SPARE MOMMY has a spotless background in relation to any of the activities and services they will be providing.  Caring for children is serious business, and we take our business seriously.



We take the time to verify the work history provided by each SPARE MOMMY.



If you request specialized tutoring or simple homework support, we provide you with a SPARE MOMMY that holds a current or lifetime Teaching Credential.  We verify the SPARE MOMMYS’ credential, and you can trust you are getting a high quality teacher.