Kristen Gunn
I have been working with children my entire life.  Beginning in elementary school, I would volunteer to work in younger grade classrooms helping children learn new things, feel strong about themselves and enjoy discovering new skills and facing challenges. This love grew and remains within me and it is out of this love, Spare Mommy was born. I graduated from Pepperdine University, and received my teaching credential from the University of Redlands.  Throughout my education career, I prioritized understanding and facilitating my students’ individuality, creative voice and innovative drive.  I have day-to-day classroom experience, and have provided professional development opportunities for teachers and artists to help them better understand and nurture the creative process in children. As a program administrator, teacher, and private tutor, I have always employed my unique perspective when working with children.  I am aware of the importance and power of developing a strong positive voice that comes from within.     Children need to be able to identify the good, the improvements, and the victories that they achieve in every area of their lives to create an engine that propels them forward.
Shary Nassimi
Shary is an adolescent counselor and life coach, a previous CEO with many patents and a daddy to two grown kids who are both successful. Shary was a hands-on dad as a daddy helper in the classroom and personally taught both his kids music, reading and math before they started kindergarten. Both kids skipped 1st grade. Shary’s wide knowledge of child psychology and needs in life and learning makes him uniquely well rounded in all aspects of child raising.