About us


SPAREMOMMY is a boutique care agency, providing clients with hands-on management of caretakers, called SPARE MOMMIES.

SPARE MOMMIES are carefully screened and vetted caretakers with one or more of the following expertise:

  • Credentialed Teachers
  • LVNs
  • Special Needs trained and certified

Depending on your needs, SPARE MOMMIES are specifically screened and selected for your child[ren] and family’s needs.

For working parents, a SPARE MOMMY will pick up the child[ren] from school (if desired), take to activities (if desired), take home and make meals (if desired) and tutor at grade appropriate level, until you come home. For extended stay while you’re away, a SPARE MOMMY will do exactly what you would do for your child. SPARE MOMMIES will not simply be babysitting kids. They will be actively engaged with the kids at all times.


Our selected SPARE MOMMIES for Special Needs children must have relevant education and experience in your child’s specific needs, which may include Autism, Cystic Fibrosis, ADHD, Developmentally Delayed and Hearing / Sight Impairment.